Friday, October 24, 2008

Cthulhu Redux

Another take on the Blobpus/Secret Base mash-up I did a while back... think saturday afternoon monster matinee movies:

Along with the Ted Turner-ized Original version...

I sold this one, and the buyer asked me to add a little gore to it... I was more than happy to oblige:

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Jet Zaguar

I had one more mini to paint, a mini Zagoran, but I didn't know what I wanted to do with him. While waiting for the Eagles game I watched one of my favorite MST3K episodes- Godzilla versus Megalon and it came to me how I was going to paint the Zag. It was simple, it was all in the smile.

Jet Jaguar:

Jet Zaguar


Ever since I got KT Solid Bakobas on a whim I've wanted to paint some more Gargamel Minis... well, I managed to snag a few more and I'm loving these little guys. I was so enthused about these guys that I painted 3 of them in one day! They just have so much character. It's psyching me up for the Gargamel swap which should be wrapping up at soon. Hopefully I'll have more opportunities to paint more in the future!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Last Microbrains!

The last set of Microbrains are done! Clear and Orange!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Glow Mantis!

I was thinking about scorpions the other day (doesn't everyone?) and how some dull looking scorpions are florescent when under UV light. I wanted to try something in that vein, to see just what my florescent V-Color could do. The only thing I wish was that there was a florescent blue available.
Hope you like it.

Halloween is just around the Corner!

Halloween is coming, so here's some customs to get you in the spirit. The Obake sheet started out as just a piece to test some techniques on, as I'm not a huge fan of the Obake... but by the end I quite liked the look of it.

The Pumkinbrain is inspired by Autumn leaves and the fall in general.

Hope you like them!

Works in progress...

Sometimes I'll paint, and then at the advice of others, or just through my own preference I'll change it later on in some way, hopefully as an improvement. Everything is a Work in Progress I guess, here's some of the latest updates of old favorites:

Maggie the Rangeas:


At the advice of Gathchabert I added some detail to the horns on my last Rangeas.

The Dreamerbefore

Again, bert suggested a bit of accent on the tips of the horns, which I think is a definite improvement.

Hypnos Skullwing:


Here I was a little more drastic with the changes, dirtying and darkening it up. In the end I thin its a more sinister Skullwing.

This Fighter has Got a Lot of Heart!

Ghost Fighter, inspiration for this guy are the amazing custom work of Kirk
ToybotStudios and Paul Kaiju.

BlobPus: The Flesh-Beast!

My first fullsized BlobPus figure. I went with a flesh color, with spots showing infection and decay. What do you all think?

Decaying Touch Skullbee

A custom piece commissioned by a fellow skullbrainer. Hope he likes it.