Monday, September 29, 2008

More Secret Base Love!

These are the latest I've painted:The Damaged Brain I did for the Swap was really well received, so I thought I'd try a twist on it. They are similar, but different enough.

Ever since the Secret Base X Grapple collaboration was released I've been wanting to do this. I lucked out recently and scored a Sharkman so I finally got to do it! Great White Sharkman is born.
Ahh the Microbrains. Initially I was just going to do each of the original 4 colors, but the reception on these guys has been so overwhelming I decided to do sets. Each set has an Orange Microbrain (everyone's favorite) and a companion. This is the 2nd set of Microbrains I've painted. The first was Orange and Yellow. The Third set is coming soon! Keep an eye out!


This was the first Cronic Piece I've had the pleasure of painting. Tripasu, a collaboration between Max Toy Co. and the aforementioned Cronic. I was really excited when I first saw images of this figure, but to be honest I wasn't as thrilled with it once I got it. So it languished for a while unpainted. Eventually I picked it back up and tried a bit of a Zoidberg colorscheme and it turned out really nice. Unfortunately it has a lot of pearly colors that don't show up as well in the pictures as I'd like. Its really one you should see in person.

Rangeas #2

I gotta keep updated- The Rangeas figure has got to be my #2 favorite Sculpt of all the Kaiju/Neo Kaiju/Fight Figure genre right after the Secret Base Skull-style figures. I traded my "Hunter" Rangeas/Skullwing a while back and have always missed it. Then I got a bit of a deal on a SDCC '08 Rangeas and got paint another one! A while back a friend suggested I paint a monster Purple and green, and I guess subliminally I went with those colors, so I named it after her. It's Maggie the Rangeas!
I've since added a little shading to the horns, but I haven't taken any new pictures yet.

So Yeah, I MC'd that Secret Base Swap

I ran the 2nd custom figure swap @ a while back, it theme was Secret Base fight figures and it went over great. We had like 10 Awesome entries- These two were what I painted. The Damaged Brain was my entry and the Skullbee was a prize figure for the most impressive. The Damaged Brain went over really well!