Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Ultimate Disgrace!

The Ultimate Disgrace... 8 toys ruined by hellopike.

#1. Greasebat.

#2. "Gatcha Heater" King Heater/Gatchamecha Mash-up.

#3 "Sleazebat"- Ooze-Bat/Gargamel Manager Mash-up.

#4 "It Conquered the World Championship' Cumberlain" Cumberlain/Skullbrain Mashup.

#5 Rangeas Middle.

 #6 Rangeas Fullsize.

#7  "ThrashWing" Skullwing.

#8 "Kodokuna" Ollie.
 Thanks for looking!  If you're interested in purchasing anything or If you'd like me to paint for you, please email me or contact me via PM at! 

Take care!


Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Ultimate Disgrace

Coming Soon!   A small collection of soft vinyl toys customized by yours truly...  Think of it as an online solo show of my stuff.  It's all new, with some old favorites as well as some stuff you might be surprised by. Until its ready I'll be posting some teasers...  some vague, some not so vague.  I hope enjoy!