Thursday, September 30, 2010

Update, New Customs, etc..

Its been a while, I've been busy painting as usual.  Here's some pics of newer stuff in case you missed it at flickr:

Pocket Helper for Aaron for helping me finally get an S-Taiin mini!  Whoo!

A scary bloody zombie Helper heading along with the Scary Bloody Rangeas and Clownish Rangeas all to Max!

Neopolitan style Damnedron for Brenda!

Oh yeah, and I also to a super small run of Glyos customs (with Matt Doughty's blessing) for some of the folks on October Toys that missed the CC4 wave.  I call it the CC4 Reinforcement wave, and they're being send out random to the 10 folks on the list.  Here's the header for it:

Next up for me is NYCC!  It's my first big Con outside of Philadelphia-  I'm just going as a fan, but I'm hoping to meet some of the folks I've befriended online over the years, and I think I might have a custom or two with me in case anyone is interested.