Friday, August 13, 2010

CUstom Corps Wave 4 Release TODAY!!!

Well, it's a big day for me- Tonight August 13 (Friday the 13th no less!) at 7pm EST at my official Custom Corps wave is dropping and I couldn't be happier!   100 figures built, painted, and dyed,  over 6 months.  Each figure is a "powered up" style figure, meaning its built from more pieces then standard (with the exception of one Armodoc).  It was a labor of love, I hope everyone who wants one can get one and is happy with what they get!  I hope I get to collaborate with Matt and the crew at again! 

Remember tonight @ 7pm EST

And here's just some of the fantastic pictures Matt took of my little guys:

There's a ton more pictures at!  Go check them out, then be sure to stop by at 7!