Monday, September 29, 2008

More Secret Base Love!

These are the latest I've painted:The Damaged Brain I did for the Swap was really well received, so I thought I'd try a twist on it. They are similar, but different enough.

Ever since the Secret Base X Grapple collaboration was released I've been wanting to do this. I lucked out recently and scored a Sharkman so I finally got to do it! Great White Sharkman is born.
Ahh the Microbrains. Initially I was just going to do each of the original 4 colors, but the reception on these guys has been so overwhelming I decided to do sets. Each set has an Orange Microbrain (everyone's favorite) and a companion. This is the 2nd set of Microbrains I've painted. The first was Orange and Yellow. The Third set is coming soon! Keep an eye out!

1 comment:

krakit said...

Awesome looking Sharkman!!!
A + paint job on him for sure.

I wish this is was how he was
painted for the toy's release.